Because the strength of your ideas depend upon more than your ingenuity, it is essential to safeguard your creations with the services of a patent attorney; an attorney successfully tested in intellectual property trial, IP appeals, and IP consultation, arbitration and settlement.

Bright Invention

Education and strategic development are a standard part of our practice. We believe it’s an important step that helps you recognize opportunities to elevate your intellectual assets.

We not only examine and add value to your IP asset, we take the time to know you, your business, and your goals. Because our most basic strategic aim is that you profit from our work to protect and elevate your asset’s value.

With more than 30 years of practice, 1500 patents and hundreds of trademarks successfully filed and protected, von Hellens has the experience to protect and increase the value of your intellectual property.

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Protecting the value of your ingenuity:

Patent protection

Trademark protection

Copyright protection

Trade secret safeguards

Licensing Your IP

Due diligence

IP management

Today’s IP News:

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