We make the patent process effortless for you. The von Hellens’ Law Firm  represents inventors, entrepreneurs and business clients worldwide. We immerse ourselves in your creations so that we can fully protect and enhance the value of your intellectual property.

Protecting inventors

The first step in our process is a consultation. We will discuss your goals for your invention in this marketplace. If needed, our IP attorneys conduct research to determine whether a patent, trademark or copyright filing is appropriate.

Educating you on your legal options is an essential part of our meeting. We want you to understand what each option offers and how you can best preserve the value of your current and future intellectual property assets.

The first hour of your initial consultation is free.

To move forward, we will take the legal action that’s best for your IP asset. Below is a list of each legal action we can take on your behalf. To read an explanation of each of the processes, click on the action listed below:

Thorough preparation results in successful filings

Here are the categories of writings that the von Hellens’ Law Firm takes to prepare and file an application for patent protection for your invention:

  1. Establish a descriptive title
  2. Cross-reference related applications
  3. Recite the background of the invention
    1. Field of the invention
    2. Description of prior art
  4. Develop the summary of the invention
  5. Create a brief descriptions of the drawings
  6. Complete a detailed description of the preferred embodiment
  7. Create claims to define the scope of protection sought
  8. Develop the abstract of the invention

When you trust your invention to the von Hellens’ Law Firm, we manage your intellectual property and its legal issues at the state, federal and international levels. We have in excess of a 90% success rate for patent and trademark filings, and offer the services necessary to manage and protect your asset while enhancing its long term value.

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  • Free initial consultation
  • Competitive rates
  • Powerful & thorough representation

Protecting the value of your ingenuity:

Patent protection

Trademark protection

Copyright protection

Trade secret safeguards

Licensing Your IP

Due diligence

IP management

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