A trademark may be a word, phrase (slogan), symbol (logo), third dimensional object, or image that identifies the source or origin of the related goods or services used in interstate commerce. Products may be natural or produced.

Protecting patents

For instance, a unique term that identifies the source or origin of apparel may be state or federally registered. A symbol that represents a particular brand of sparkling water can be state or federally registered. Popular examples of trademarks include the term Coca-Cola and the Nike swoosh (logo). Once a trademark or service mark becomes registered, the owner acquires the right to stop others from using the same or confusingly similar trademark or service mark in conjunction with the same or related goods and services.

Service marks

Service marks protect a word, name, symbol, device, or image that identifies the source of a service. Services are intangible and performed for the benefit of others. 

Should I get a trademark?

Trademarks can brand a company or product, and customer perception is increased when a company or product becomes a brand name. For instance, the golden arch is a three dimensional trademark and when spotted, there is an immediate association with McDonalds.

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